Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Haute Street Fashion: Not a PETA lover huh?

(picture from

so i think she looks adorable
although im def against cruelty to animals && i dont support the fact that she's wearing a fur.
so in my head, thats soo a fake fur. lol

however, i love the black/white flannel with the furry black/white hat that matches the flannel as well as the "fake" fur.

the oversized black bag is to die for

black skinnys are sexx

&& her shoes!!! ugh, i ADORE! and the socks puts the icing on the cake


China Doll said...

she does look cute
but i could do with the shoes
the uggs with the fur wood have been great

LisaLove said...

her outfit is fab
shoes included

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