Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the fashion is unbelievable....


so i purchase the VOGUE mag last week, but im just now reading it because i was quit busy.
but my girl blake lively is on the cover and she looks AMAZING!! && everyone who knows me, knows im a Gossip Girl fanatic.
well, in the mag Blake talks about the fashion on the show. the fashion on Gossip Girl is the best ever, i even picked up on some of the trends of the characters. they're like fashion icons of television!

well my favorite model, Agyness Deyn is also in the mag with her fiance, Albert.
she looks simply stunning in each picture && indeed the two look like they're very much in love.


LisaLove said...

did i mention i soo love gossip girl as well and the fashion is too cute

China Doll said...

she looked so purty

Niqqua said...

gossip girl is madd amazin!! i love it too

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