Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Real Devil Wears Prada


So a friend of mine saw this movie and immediately thought that i would love it.
I did hear it was a good movie based on Vogue Magazine and the woman who
created it, Anna Wintour.
Although, i dont read vogue as much (definitely a NYLON girl), i do want to see
this movie.


The Fashion Police said...

this iis such an epic movie

do go see it

MeLoVe said...

I just seen it last week. I thought it ok. I realized that leaders in fashion are normal people. Anyone can make it up there we just have to push it. You might like it even though it drags on a little. It is cool to see the behind the scenes action.

P.S I think your blog is really cool. I enjoy all your posts. I know how crazy it is to lose focus in blogging while in college. Sometimes I blog too much and never do any work!
Keep Blogging! :D

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