Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teenage Trendsettaz Clothing

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Explain the meaning of a Teenage Trendsetta.
trend·set·ta (Trend-set-ta) -Noun
Someone who is naturally creative. Someone who is not like others, and who does their own thing with no concern of how the world will view them.
When/How/Why was TeenageTrendsettaz created?
Teenage Trendsettaz was established in 1991 i say this because that's the year i was born, but in actuality the brand was started in 2007. The brand emerged from a little group i had in my early years of high school (Preppy Boys Club). it was a group of me and some of my closest friends that just liked to "Get Fresh". As i got older, i started to research and branch out and got interested in starting my own clothing company. I wanted to make my own clothing because i like custom, different things. I wanted to be able to say, "hey! i made that shirt" or "I had a part in the design of that jacket."
What makes TeenageTrendsettaz different from any other Tee Shirt Line?
Much time and effort is spent on the details and design of our products; each product embodies the Passion and Standards that we have for fashion and art. The designs we produce represent everything royal and luxurious, we use the best garments and EVERYONE who wears our products should feel Attractive and Affluent while wearing them. We are dedicated to creating Trends, we don’t follow them! we're not here to create a new lifestyle but only to create a better form of an existing lifestyle.
What does the future hold for TeenageTrendsettaz?
Cut & Sewn items, collaborations, and much, much more..........you just have to lookout and keep supporting the brand.
How can the people contact/ purchase TeenageTrendsettaz merchandise?
for any questions(sales, press, etc...) you can contact us at: info@teenagetrendsettazclothing.com. If you would like to purchase, head over to our online store on the website: www.teenagetrendsettazclothing.com we also have a twitter, so follow and support at www.twitter.com/trendsettaville
Where's LaiParis' Tee?
lol , coming soon.

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