Tuesday, April 13, 2010


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"I've always wanted to blog; for me, its my two ideal careers in one:
journalism + design = blogging in a lot of cases. Believe it or not, I tried blogging before, but I quit a few weeks into it. I just didnt think that I could do it or that anyone would be interested, and it went on the back burner for a long time. But pretty soon people I knew had online magazines and blogs, and they inspired me to jump back into it. VI was originally supposed to be more of a personal blog, somewhat similar to LaiParis :] filled with miscellaneous dope ish that i came across, and called Random Acts of Flyness. However, when I discovered that someone else already had a blog with that same name, I switched to the "online magazine" format. So its kind of a mixture of the two.
Coming up with the name was probably the hardest part of the whole process, but when I did, it was probably the best thing ever. I was on talking to [co-editor] Tobias on facebook and he said "maybe it should be a letter, or a number? something the blog embodies." and I screamed "i'll be right back", even tho he couldnt hear me, lol, while i grabbed pen and paper . Since our site is dedicated to fashion, music, art, education, news & sex[uality], and these are the six things that the world more or less revolves around, we decided to name it VI, aka SIX. I thought it was pretty dope, and it fit.
VI has only been active for about a week, but we kinda came out swinging. I was really surprised when people started hitting me up and asking about my site. Its pretty exciting, especially because I didnt think anyone was paying attention to me , lol I would love if VI blew up, but if not thats cool too, because I'm doing it for me this time around. I'm chillin."- Johnny Cake

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